Verifier Enrolment Process

Requirements and Benefits

  1. Becoming a certified verifier comes with an array of different requirements but also comes with great and useful benefits for your organisation, including having your relevant staff being able to tutor and sign off candidates undertaking courses. The first steps to becoming a verifier would be to make sure you have all the necessary documentation and certifications needed to be a verifier. Firstly, being a member of a sports organisation is compulsory. There are many different types of sports organisations that make people eligible to become a verifier, such as:
    • Member of London Basketball Association
    • Basketball England affiliation
    • Part of a schooling institution
    • Youth Club entity
    • Other relevant organisation
Disclaimer: Only one of the following organisations is necessary to become a verifier.
  1. The following documents are also needed in order to become a verified coach or official. All the documents within this list are also mandatory. The documents needed to become a verifier are:
    • Insurance Certificate
    • Safeguarding policy
    • Level 2 or higher certified basketball coaches, table officials, and referees
What this means for you and what you can expect:
    • Get paid opportunities to tutor a group
    • Candidates that are not a part of a group can reach out to verifiers, asking to do their practical placement with your organisation. 
    • House candidates undertaking their courses, these individuals can attend your regular sessions and shadow as you support them to complete their checklist as they support you with your programme too.
The different benefits of becoming a verifier include, but are not limited to:
    • Another resource for your organisation
    • Access to new candidates who are DBS checked and equipped with duty of care courses (eg First Aid, Safeguarding Young People)
    • Build relationships with geographically close & qualified coaches and officials
    • Access to DBS, first aid, child protection and safeguarding courses
    • Option to receive payment for your services (eg tutoring group courses)

These setup is designed to uplift and help improve your organisation and its members. As well as, help the upcoming coaches and officials in which your organisation will be hosting to help them pass their courses.

  1. If this is something your organisation is interested in doing, click the button below. This will redirect you to an online form that you must fill out in order to be eligible for approval. Once the form is submitted, you will be contacted in 14 business days about the status of your application.

Extra Information

3-year membership renewal

Resubmit the declaration regarding the above info every 3 years. (subject to change*)


  • This program is based on the honour system with regards to initial submitted information and notification of any changes.
  • DBS and Duty of Care courses are offered but not mandatory nor guaranteed for all candidates.
  • If getting in contact with a new verifier is not working please contact


If you have any questions about any of the requirements and benefits please send an email to

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