Connecting with a verifier

Find out more information about how to connect with verifiers to conduct your practical hours for your certifications.

Select your organisation


Is your organisation not on the list?

Email your organisation

Email the organisation you have picked. We recommend you to use the template below, while filling in the blanks with the text in red. Please note that this is a template, feel free to tweak the contents of the message below as this is just an example to show what information to include in your email to a verifier.

Dear sir/madam,

I’m reaching out as a candidate undertaking my [course name and level] and I need to complete [number of hours] hours with an organisation that has been verified, such as yourself. With this said I am keen to be a positive resource to your organisation and support your community with the hopes of continuing beyond my allocated course hours.

A bit about me and why I do this course:
[write a few lines]

Here are a few particulars about my situation:
[mention your availability and any other particulars you may want to share with them]

Kind regards,

[your name]
[your number]
[the region you are based in]

Follow up

Call the organisation using the contact details provided, with the objective of speaking to somebody to figure out what sessions, timetable, and venue(s) suit you and the organisation. (only if you do not know this information)

Having issues connecting with a verifier?

If you are unable to get in contact with a verifier, you can request assistance from us.
Please note that you should have tried the previous steps (sent out an email and tried calling the verifier asking to link with them).

When corresponding with us, you should let us know (up to 3) verifiers that you are interested to connect with.

Signing off your logbook

You will then be assigned to shadow an experienced person for your role. They will also be responsible for signing off your logbook to see keep track of your progress and see how well you are doing in accordance to the standards.

Do your practical hours

Finish your required practical hours for the course!

Notify us

After finishing your practical hours, let us know by sending an email to for you to receive your certificate!
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