Benefits of Fun Basketball

Viewing basketball with the ideology that it is meant to be a fun game, allows for many benefits. One would be simple enjoyment, if the game is fun it produces enjoyment. Another would be sustained learning. When basketball is simply viewed as a fun game, players will also develop faster and more completely. A combination of all of these aspects over time creates very knowledgeable players.

Basketball can be enjoyed in many different ways, at many all ages. Obviously, youth players can play and watch the game, both provide enjoyment. However for older people who once used to be able to play, but can no longer play, they can watch. If they are not watching a fun game then they will not want to watch, and will therefore have no enjoyment. Some people may think that the fun stops when people can no longer play, that is not true. Many former players go on to be trainers, coaches, or simply just watch. All of these participatory opportunities provide enjoyment.

Fun basketball also provides sustained learning. If players are being coached too hard, or in another unenjoyable fashion, they will only learn for a short period of time before they become disinterested. If basketball is fun, players will not only keep coming back year after year, but they will also retain more information.When players are having fun and learning, it leads to better in-game performance due to a confidence increase, as well as being a well rounded player. Making sure players know the game is about fun, and following a POG coaching style, allows players to be creative, make mistakes, grow confidence, and practice all skills. All of these aspects will lead to better players and better in-game performance.

Lastly, all of these benefits of fun basketball result in knowledgeable players. Whatever role they choose to prefer after basketball, whether it’s trainers, coaches, or even another profession entirely, they will know how to learn, teach, and create a fun, healthy environment. This transition is important because it ensures that all the people they teach and encounter learn the same way, leading to the growth of basketball as a fun game.

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