Play Fun Basketball

In the end, basketball is a game, and the goal of a game is to promote and foster fun. Players, coaches, and everyone involved should have fun. It is important that coaches keep this ideology in perspective no matter what happens. Sometimes this can be hard after emotional games, or tough practices, but it is necessary in order for everyone to have fun. Coaches should constantly be reminding their players of this ideology, it will help players not get too low, or too high.

For example, during a game referees may make a bad call, or the other team may make a dirty play, or other upsetting actions may occur. Utilizing this ideology will help coaches and players remain calm during these tough situations. It is important to remember that the end goal of the game is to have fun, if the players and coaches are not having fun then there is no point.

Another aspect of keeping the game fun is mentioned in Lesson Six, Topic Five, in having a POG coaching system over a rigid system. Obviously when players are able to be more creative, learn and utilize new skills in games and practice, they will be happier. The more enjoyment players have the more they will want to continue to play the game of basketball. Players should constantly have the opportunity to showcase what they have learned and are trying to practice. Without these opportunities players would not be able to develop.

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