Topic 3 – Team Tactic

Team Tactic

When coaching, team tactic, or strategy, is an important part of the team’s success.  The most important idea to remember when forming a team tactic is that the coach is coaching people, and not the sport of basketball.  Each player has different strengths and weaknesses, and it would not be opportunistic to use the same team tactic every year, regardless of players on the team.  Each season a team tactic should be established.

An example of a team tactic would be a defensive focus, and effort focus, since they go hand in hand.  A team tactic has three aspects, individual tactic, movement, and technical skill.  Each of these aspects affect which team tactic would be the best fit for a team.  If a team has many players who are great shooters, and not so great defenders, it may be better for the team if the coach forms an offensively focused tactic.

Individual tactics include strategies such as shooting efficiently, creating space, setting hard screens.  It is best for the players’ individual tactics to fit the team tactic.  For example, if the team tactic is defensively focused, some individual tactics would include fighting through screens, running back on defense, getting in a defensive stance.  The coach should define each player’s individual tactics to them directly before the game, or during practice, which would allow the player to know exactly what they should focus on during the game.  Sometimes players may be given individual tactics outside of the team tactic, which is essential, it is important to focus on both offense and defense.

Physical movement and footwork are a supporting aspect of the team tactic.  For example aspects of the game such as off-ball movement, hustle, running to the correct spot on plays, would all be important to focus on under certain team tactics.  Without good footwork and movement, most plays would be unsuccessful, or players would give up points on the defensive end.

Technical skill, or a player’s ability in relation to dribbling, shooting, passing, and defense, are important aspects to consider when forming a team tactic.  A team with an overall low passing skill, should either have a team tactic that works around passing too much.  To do this the coach would have to design plays in which players do more dribbling and screen setting, only needing to make basic passes.  If technical skill is not matched with the team tactic, the team could struggle to find success.

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