Topic 3 – Set up & Organise People, Equipment, and Resources

Set up & Organise People, Equipment, and Resources

When setting up people, equipment, and resources it is important to be organized, efficient, and prepared.   Plan practices beforehand with assistant coaches.  It would be beneficial to organize the venue in preparation for practice.  Organizing pre-practice would entail setting up equipment such as the ball rack, jerseys, shoes, cones, etc., ensuring that the equipment is in an easily accessible location, while being a safe distance from the players.  

It is also important to meet with assistant coaches and managers to determine necessary information about the players, such as who the best players are, which lineups to use and when, and the level of competition.  During meetings with assistants, coaches can also determine the different groups of players who will be working together during the season.  From pre-practice meetings assistant coaches should have a greater understanding of exactly what the coach wants the assistant to do.  Having pre-practice meetings will save time during practice, allowing coaches to focus solely on the players.  

Setting up should also focus on optimizing full use of the facility available.  Optimization levels can be determined by going to the facility before practice and figuring out how many baskets there are, is there seating available, and parking.  The size of the facility could affect the practice itself.  For example if there is only one hoop then the drills will have to be altered.  Another example would be if the walls of the building are too close to the court, this could make it unsafe to run certain drills, especially physical ones.  Knowing this information beforehand allows for more efficient use of practice time and the facility.

Throughout the process of organizing people, equipment, and resources, there will be much interaction between people.  When organizing practice there will be communication with players, parents, assistant coaches, facility managers, etc.,  it is important to be polite with all of these people in order to maintain relationships.  It may be necessary to inform both parents and players of game and practice times and locations.  When doing this it is important to be polite and exact, so all the players need to worry about is the practice or game.  If impolite, it could cause parents to pull their children from the team, or a facility manager to decide he will not let a coach and team use a gym anymore.  Therefore communication could affect eventual things such as practice time, and preparation levels for games.

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