Player Assumptions

In order for players to have a shot at “world class’ performance in the future, they should focus on making themselves the best athlete they can be, and make their decisions based on that idea. While it is important for players to be skilled offensively, they also need to be aware of in-game situations and understand advanced concepts. Players need to physically prepare their bodies for the requirements of basketball. Even though it is difficult, players should maintain a positive mindset, there will be setbacks along the way, such a mindset will help players keep pushing forward.

To ensure players are the best athlete they can be, players should be making decisions based on that goal. While it is important to stay committed to goals, players should also enjoy their life, and it is important for overall happiness to sometimes make a decision that goes against the overall goal. However, players should make the proper decisions such as going to practice, exercising, and sleeping well before a game. While these decisions may seem minute in the moment, overall they will add up to success.

Players need to be aware of in-game concepts and situations. Without knowledge of the game and advanced concepts, players will struggle to utilize their skills. For example, a player could be a great passer, hitting every target right in their hands, but if they have no knowledge of rotations or help defense, they will turn the ball over. Knowing advanced schemes will allow players to show off their skills and use creativity.

Coaches should foster a player’s development of all skills. This would entail having all players participate in all drills. Bigs should not only be practicing back to the basket drills, they should be doing the dribbling and shooting drills with the guards. While this may hurt their short term success, it will help the players long term because they will be more well-rounded.

To stay in game shape, players should regularly be lifting and conditioning outside of practice. This regiment will allow players to succeed in practice and in game situations. Without being in shape, players could struggle to utilize the skills they have learned such as dribbling or shooting. For example, if a player is too slow, the dribble move will not create space, and they will have trouble getting their shot off above the defender.

While all of these aspects will certainly lead to more success, they do not guarantee world class success. Sometimes factors such as luck and genetics play an important role in determining which level a player makes it to, regardless of their work ethic.

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