Topic 12 – Grow model

Grow Model

In the game of basketball, there are three categories in which growth is possible, mental, technical, and athletic.  When planning for future growth for all three of these categories it would be beneficial to have a growth model.  Within a growth model it is important to track the past, the current, and the future.  To start the thought process on future growth, there are some questions that can be thought about.  

What are you trying to do?

For this question it is important to think of a goal that is somewhat attainable.  For a coach an attainable goal would be to win a certain percentage of games each year, or have the team improve their shooting percentage a certain amount.

What is happening now?

Asking this question is beneficial because it allows a coach to see the current status of their team.  Depending on the answer, the coach knows whether or not future goals need to be adjusted.  The answer to this question also allows the coach to determine if the team’s past actions have been advantageous.

What will we do now?

Figuring out what the team can do now, to meet future goals is a very important job of the coach.  What coaches and their team do now depends on whether they are currently having success, and what their future goals are.  If the team is currently having success, their actions may be directed toward simply maintaining that success, rather than future improvements.  However, if a future goal is to develop talent, then playing younger players may take precedence over winning games.

What could you do?

The answer to this question is what the coach views as the team’s ultimate potential and goal.  Many teams and coaches will have similar answers to this question, because the most common ultimate goal is to be the best, in most leagues.  For some youth leagues with younger players, the coaches main goal may be to develop talent.  

Overall, these questions are meant to guide a coach and their team to have future success, and evaluate past choices.  A growth model is a great way to set goals, and then determine actions to take that will help them reach future goals.

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