Topic 10 – Quick review

Quick Review

Sometimes during practices and games a quick review is necessary.  During practice sometimes time is running out on a scheduled facility time period, or practice is almost over.  Sometimes during games important information needs to be given to a coach’s team during a timeout, or in between quarters, or even during a stoppage of play.  Coaches can use the five R’s method to review information quickly.  The five R’s are Reassure, Reintegrate, Recap, Review, Reinforce. Focusing on these topics can help distribute information quickly and effectively.

Throughout this topic there will be an example of a team using their final timeout, drawing up a play to take a game winning shot.

Reassurance is the first of the five R’s.  It is important that throughout the review the coach is positive and encouraging to remove doubts.  Reassurance also removes doubts from players, which gives them confidence to use the information the coach is giving them and execute during games and practice.  In the end of game situation above, a coach should be reassuring their players that they have the ability to execute the play properly and win the game.

Reintegration is the next of the five R’s.  Reintegration is all about making sure the information is relevant, and players know exactly when in games or practice to utilize the information.  During the end of game timeout, the coach should only be facilitating discussion in relation to the play that is about to occur after the timeout.

Recap is the middle of the five R’s.  For recap it is important to focus the players goals with the teams goals, and make sure the goals are aligned.  During the end of game timeout, the coach should be making sure everyone’s goal is to win the game whichever way possible, meaning the best player does not need to take the shot, if there is a better shot.

Review may be the most important of the five R’s.  During review the coach should go over the information that was just given to the players.  This is crucial because it is an overview of the information given could be enough for a player to finally understand, after not understanding the first time it was given.  Therefore, at the end of the final timeout the coach should quickly go over the play once more.

Reinforcement is the final of the five R’s.  If there is time, it is important to reinforce the good actions the team has been doing, and ignore the bad.  Reinforcement is very similar to reassurance, but it is at the end.  For example, if there is time at the end of game timeout, the coach should give the team a confidence boost by reviewing the good actions the team has done.

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