Topic 1 – Court sizing and the meaning of different lines

Court sizing and meaning of lines and spots on court

The official basketball court is rectangular in shape. Stretching at about 15.2 meters by 28.7 meters. Of course in youth and high school games the court is slightly smaller just to fit the age of the children playing on it. There are a few lines on a basketball court which all hold a specific meaning to the game. The center circle is where the game officially begins, free throw lanes on each side of the court, 3-point arc, and the out of bounds lines. All of these lines help regulate the game and its point system. The basket is positioned 46 centimeters in diameter being suspended from a back board at each end of the court. While the rim is positioned 3 meters above the floor. 

To go more in depth and to provide more detail, here is a video of the different lines and areas on the basketball court. 

Shopping Basket