Topic 1 – Plan, Do, Review

Plan, Do, Review

When coaching basketball there are many different types of equipment that need to be used in order to run an effective practice.  Some important equipment would include basketballs, training bibs, cones, white boards, and whistles.  Other essential equipment such as basketball shoes players will bring themselves, but as a coach it may be a good idea to have a spare or two.  Without this necessary equipment, practice would most likely be very ineffective. The most important pieces of equipment are the basketballs.  Without them it is impossible to work on offensive drills, or run scrimmages.  

Training bibs are important because they allow coaches to create different teams within practice.  Bibs also make the two teams easily differentiable from each other, which helps both coaches and players focus more on the drill or game, rather than figuring out who is on which team.  Training bibs can be used in drills involving 2v2 or 3v3 action, and can also be used in full 5v5 scrimmages.  Without bibs, both players and coaches could become less focused on the practice or scrimmage.

Cones are most useful when coaches are running skill drills for players.  For example, players could be doing a drill that ends in a layup, they would start at half court and do a dribble move at the cones located at the three point line and the free throw line, before finishing with a layup.  The cones act as a “defender” and are a vital part of the drill.  Without the cones players would have to act as defenders during the drill, which makes the drill less organized.  It is possible to work around having cones by using towels or some other object.

A white board is essential during both games and practices.  During practice the formation of plays occurs.  In practice coaches can test out plays that they may want to try during the game.  Coaches would use the white board to draw up these plays and explain them to players.  During game timeouts, coaches also use the white board to express elaborate plays to players.  Without the whiteboard it would be near impossible to accurately describe complex plays to players.

A whistle is another essential part of basketball games and practices.  Referees use whistles to officiate the games, but coaches have found many good uses for them as well.  Coaches use whistles to signal to players that it is time to gather near the coach and listen-up.  Coaches also use the whistle to signify the beginning and end of a drill or scrimmage, as well as the end of practice.  It is possible to work around having a whistle as a coach.

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