Personal Foul

Personal Foul NO Freee Throw

having indicate a foul and who the offender was, point with the index finger to the sideline.

  • The active official will;
  • Hand the ball over
  • Step away
  • Chop time-in
  • Personal Foul Two free throws
  • having indicated a foul and who the offender was, sign two free throws.
  • a player fouled in the act of shooting a field goal will be awarded two free throws should the ball miss the basket.

technical foul player or coach

  • form the letter T with the palms of both hands showing.
  • awarded for conduct that is considered to be against the spirit of the game or is simply abusive in nature.
  • Unsportsmanlike foul
  • extend a clenched fist above the head and grasp the wrist with the other hand.
  • awarded for a deliberate foul, that is a non-basketball action or, with excessive, hard contact being made.
  • disqualifying Foul
  • with clenched fists, extend both arms above the head.
  • awarded for any flagrant unsportsmanlike act. The player must leave the playing area and go to the locker room.
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