Instagram / Snapchat content creation

Guide for producing successful social media coverage at events

Game coverage:

  • Build a story: pre-match (beginning), mid-match (middle), post-match (end)
  • Maximum of 7 posts per game (can do more if a must!)
  • “Media Crew” have “all access” and can go anywhere during the match (not on court while playing). Show the game from a variety of angles and don’t record in one spot!
  • Preferably provide close up shots rather then distance shots

Beginning of the match

  • Pre game interviews (play/coach/fan/official)
  • Warm up shots
  • Pictures of a player lacing up 
  • Team shout
  • Match tip off

Middle of the match

  • Any nice plays
  • The crowd
  • Dunk
  • Nice jumpshot
  • Good crossover
  • Assist (nice pass)
  • Sneaker shot
  • Foul line shot
  • Slow motion shot
  • 3 point shot 
  • Block
  • Crowd 
  • Half time reflection interview
  • Scores

End of the match

  • Any nice plays
  • The crowd
  • Game winning shot (if match is close)
  • Man of the match
  • Post game interview with someone from the winning team
  • Final Score
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