In-Game Attire

A basketball referee’s conduct during a game is essential to the smooth operation and fairness of the match. Upholding a standard of unwavering professionalism, referees must remain impartial, composed, and decisive in their decisions. During timeouts, halftime, and breaks between quarters, referees should utilise these moments to confer with fellow officials, address any contentious situations that may have arisen, and ensure a consistent application of the rules. It is crucial that referees refrain from engaging in unnecessary conversations or distractions during these intervals, emphasising the importance of remaining focused on the task at hand. One example of in-game etiquette is the prohibition of phone usage during breaks in play, underscoring the need for undivided attention and concentration on the game dynamics. This commitment to professionalism and attentiveness ensures that the referee’s presence on the court remains authoritative, instilling confidence in players, coaches, and spectators alike.

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