Duties of Care

These accreditations may be included in your course purchase. If not, you can still gain access to them by contacting us here.

1.) Once you are cleared to work with children, taking the Duty of Care courses will prepare you for what is to come. As well as provide insight to the dangers and provide ways to prevent such things from happening, these courses also explain safety and health measures that you should take and look out for as an aspiring coach. Some Duty of Care courses that are recommended are Safeguarding Young Children and Young Adults, First Aid, and Child Protection.

2.) Having a good understanding of first aid and being able to perform certain first aid solutions will be highly beneficial. It can also be a legal requirement for certain events and sessions to go ahead, so being able to present it upon request will make you more valuable as an individual and to your organisation(s).

These accreditations will be at your disposal for the duration of your course, which is why we recommend you complete them near the start, as once you have completed your course you will no longer have access to the Duty of Care courses provided within it. To sign up for these courses you must do so by emailing (click here) informing them you want to access them, including your name and the email address you signed up to the course with. 

  • Titles of the Duty of Care courses are subject to change as they are provided by a third party entity. 
  • If the Duty Of Care accreditations are included in your course. You must start them while enrolled in this coaching course, meaning that once your course is complete you will not be able to claim it for free
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