Defining a Shot

Given how valuable a Free Throw is the best players try to manipulate defenders and coax them into shooting fouls. One way this has been exploited in past years is when players initiate their shooting motion through a defender’s arms and attempt a shot seemingly just to get a foul.

As you can see in the video the ball handler seems intent on driving to the basket, but instead initiates an unorthodox shot motion into the defenders arms.

Officials’ Discretion

FIBA clarified the definition of a shooting motion. While it is still a decision at the referee’s discretion, a shooting foul should be called after the offensive player starts their shot in a continuous motion and the defender then initiates contact interfering with the shooter. It should NOT be when a player’s shot goes through the space a defender fairly occupies.

This example is more stationary than the previous, with limited movement of the defender and no dribble of the offensive player. However, it remains an example of a coaxed shooting foul because the defender does NOT invade the space of the shooter. Under the current rules a non-shooting foul should be called.

Shopping Basket