Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check

Was this included in your course purchase? If it was not, and you would like to purchase one please click here. Alternatively, contact us at AllOfficials to request a DBS check. We recommend you have one as most organisations require it to be involved with them. 

1.) To begin, you will want to do the DBS first, as this is the background check on yourself and is industry practice. All organisations within the UK recognise and use it in order to safeguard individuals, especially young people and vulnerable adults. The DBS check is not limited to coaching basketball and can be useful in other fields/professions. Mainly requested in the UK but could be useful in most places. Accepted if it’s under 3 years old and depending on what has been recorded on it. With this said, with a DBS, you’ll be eligible for a variety of opportunities.

2.) If the DBS was included in your course purchase then you have automatically been added to the system and will receive the necessary information needed to fulfil the DBS check. If the necessary information has not been sent to you please send a message with the following main points: your name, the course you are enrolled in, and if the DBS was included on your purchase. Click Here to contact us.

3.) Please note that in the UK in order to coach or officiate other accreditations such as Safeguarding Children and Child Protection (Duty of Care courses), in addition to existing officiating and coaching accreditations are also required. Which you can get through us (see next topic).

  • *If the DBS is included in your course – The DBS check must be done while enrolled in the coaching course. Meaning once your course is complete you will not be able to claim it for free*
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