Carrying the ball

Using one hand make a half rotation in a forward direction, from the elbow.

Refers to the ball coming to rest in the palm of the hand, i.e is ‘carried’ rather than dribbled.

3 second violation

Using the thumb and first two fingers, swing one arm from parallel to the floor down to your side repeatedly. A player may not stay within the opponents restricted area for more than 3 seconds. The restricted area is that portion of the ‘key’, from the free-throw line to the base line.

5 or 8-second violation

Indicate the timing violation by holding up the relevant number of fingers. Use one hand for a 5-second call and one hand and 3 fingers (thumb and first two fingers spread out), for an 8-second call.

A player, once given the ball, has 5 seconds to:

  • Put the ball into play from the side or endline.
  • Shoot a free throw.

A player, once passed the ball from out of bounds has 8 seconds to:

  • Cross the half-way line and bring the ball into the front court.
  • If the ball goes out of bounds in the back court during the 8 second count, the same count continues, when the ball is brought into play by the same team.

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