Project Manager Role (Coaching session logistics)

Before players come to their training session everything needs to be set up and ready to go. This is where the project manager comes in. This could be the coach, the organisation behind the coach. There must be someone behind the entire setup of the session. That includes, location, safety checks, equipment, checking attendance, etc. There are many steps that need to be taken to set up a session and to make sure it runs smoothly.
A location must be found and must be suitable for a training session. Safe to use and big enough for the amount of people that will be attending the session. When looking for a location you must make it easy to access. Before anyone gets there you must go around the gym and make sure there are no nails sticking out of the walls or floors, no lifted floors, walls not too close to the out of bounds lines, etc. All of the safety precautions you should look out for were covered in the first lesson of this course.
Once the gym has been checked and it is safe to play there, you now need to get the equipment to carry out the training session. This includes, basketballs, cones, a whistle, bibs, extra water (just in case), ball pump, and anything you need for your specific session. Once all your equipment is in check and ready you can now start to set up your first drill for the players. After every drill if the equipment needs to be picked up, it is an option to have the players pick up the equipment after they are done. This can also teach discipline and respect.
There is a lot that goes behind the scenes for the set up of training sessions. Always think of what someone had to go through to make sure you had a great session and it was able to go on without a hitch. Putting yourself in someone else’s shoes will help understand what they had to go through to put this whole thing together. This can also teach gratitude because after learning all the work it took to put the session together the players, parents, and coaches are grateful.
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