Level 2 Coach


This contains:

  • Level 2 Basketball Coach online course

Buying this course includes:

  • Special offer on “Disclosure and Barring Services” (DBS). Only £11 through the course.
  • Duty of Care courses (Safeguarding Young Children & Young Adults and First Aid*)
  • Whistle*

If you would like to do this course as a group, please email us at admin@allofficials.co.uk.

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Level 2 Basketball Coach

This course will provide all future and current coaches who want to enhance their craft with the knowledge, skills, and drills necessary to coach basketball as a head coach. This course consists of 6 online lessons and 1 practical component, in which candidates will connect with a verifier to carry out their practical hours to receive their certification for this course.

Target Group

This course is catered to:

  • Coaches
  • Students
  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Any other basketball enthusiasts

The list above is just to name a few but is not limited to those options. 


To take this course, you must be:

  • at least 18 years of age
  • well versed and be able to communicate effectively in the English language (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)

If you have any disabilities and are not sure if this course is the right fit for you, please do not hesitate to reach out and inquire. Just Contact Us.

The duration of this course and all it entails must be completed within 5 months of enrollment. This includes:

  • Approximately 10-17 hours dedicated to the online course. 
  • Approximately 15-20 hours dedicated to the practical component (with a verifier)

Thus, in total both the online course and practical component should take approximately 25-28 hours to complete. These times are subject to change due to how you as an individual plan to take this course. If for some reason you need more than the 5 months given please Contact Us within 7 days of enrolment with how much time and reasoning for the extension.

DBS check & Duty of Care

  • Please note that a DBS check is a UK ONLY compliant certification and on offer is the volunteer version.
  • Duty of Care courses are not limited to basketball coaching and can be useful in other fields/professions. These could be useful in most places around the world, although these Duty of Care courses on offer are in regulation with the UK, if you reside outside of the UK please consider this.

Certification Expiry & Renewal

Once this course is completed and you have received your certificate it is valid for a total of 4 years. If inactive your certification will expire. Options for renewal can be found at the end of this online course or you can click here.

ROC Opportunity

What is a ROC you might ask? R – Referee, O – table Official, C – Coach. We have the initiative and a vision that everyone should become a ROC as there are many opportunities that arise around the world with becoming a ROC. You step into the basketball community in high demand, as you are a certified referee, table official, and coach. Once you have taken this coaching course, adding referee and table official to your resume will help you become an even better coach as you will understand the rules of every position on the court. There will be more paid and voluntary opportunities, you will aid in supporting your wider community as there is a shortage of these basketball professionals. Once you have become a ROC you can travel anywhere in the world and be able to be a coach, referee, or table official. Supporting other basketball communities around the world!

This course has been approved by the CPD, a world-renowned accreditor known for offering and supporting continued professional development.



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Level 2 Coach
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