Level 1 & 2 Coaching Deal Package


This bundle contains:

  • Coaching Level 1
  • Coaching Level 2
  • Tutor (Optional)

Once this bundle is purchased there will be an email sent with all the appropriate discount codes for the organisation/group.

Level 1 coaching –

  • Level one coaching is the first step to become an accredited coach
  • This course will surely benefit all participants as it will introduce different coaching tactics, drills, skills, and knowledge of basketball
  • Providing the best level one coaching course while still making it accessible to all communities

Level 2 coaching –

  • This course will provide future coaches &/or current coaches who want to enhance their craft with the knowledge, skills, and drills
  • Able to coach basketball up to national level, including social, youth, adult and national league
  • A well put together course that has the best standards and practices, while making it accessible to the masses.

Level 1 Tutor –

  • Tutor services for in-person practical lessons post online course
  • Tutor will be at the candidates chosen location for between 1 hour and 1.5 hours on the specific day chosen
  • Classroom based setting is the ideal approach (A room where everyone can easily manoeuvre)

Upon successful completion of the courses and accreditation, students will be eligible to register into the LBA affiliated AllOfficals app to access our Officials job board for employment  opportunities.

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