Following from where we lift of in the last section, when reporting the foul to the table a more specific signal should be given along with the players number. A few we would cover in this topic holding foul, pushing foul, illegal use of the hands, defensive foul, personal foul, disqualifying foul.

Holding foul

Grasp the wrist, this does not necessarily mean that the player is being held back by the defenders hand. The arm, leg or chest can be used to hold a player, especially in the 3-second restricted area.

Pushing foul

Imitate pushing foul with both hands. This mainly occurs with players fighting to establish rebounding positions or when guarding other players. 

Do not allow defensive players to ‘crash’ the boards, or come over defenders backs and cause contact.

Illegal Use of the Hands

Strike the wrist a chopping motion. Look for players reaching in for the ball and contacting the arms of the offensive player.

Blocking Foul (Offence or Defence)

Simultaneously strike the hips with both hands. 

Defensive Foul

When a defensive player prevents another player from taking up a space on the floor, with or without the ball. Defensive players should maintain their established position – look out for the defender shifting position to ensure contact is made. 

Offensive Foul

Screens are designed to cause contact. A screen must be stationary. It should be one metre away when out of view of the defender. 

Charging Foul with the Ball

A clenched fist strikes the open palm. Involves the player with the ball causing contact. Ask yourself who was at the point of contact first? Remember, a players may land on a spot that was free whe he/she took off.

Team Control Foul

Having indicated a charge with the ball, you must now indicate that the foul was by the team in control of the ball. 

Place one arm in front of you with a clenched fist pointing towards the basket of the team committing a foul. A team is in control when a player of that team is in control and also when the ball is being passed between team mates. 


Personal Foul (Two Free Throws)

Having indicated a foul and who the offender was, signal two free throws. A player fouled in the act of shooting a field goal will be awarded two free throws shuld the ball miss the bucket. All coach, technical, unsportsmanlike and disqualifying fouls have free throws as part of the penalty, as do player technicals. 

Personal Foul (No Free Throws)

Having indicated a foul and who the offender wsa, point with the index finger to the sideline. 

The Active Official will: 

  • Hand the ball over
  • Step away
  • Chop time-in

Technical Foul

Form the letter T with the palms of both hands showing. Awarded for conduct that is considered to be against the spirit of the game or is simply abusive in nature. 

Unsportsmanlike Foul

Extend a clenched fist above the head and grasp the wrist with the other hand. Awarded for a deliberate foul, that is non-basketball action, or with excessive, hard contact being made.

Disqualifying Foul

With clenched fists, extend both arms above the head. Awarded for any flagrant unsportsmanlike act. The player must leave the playing area and go to the locker room.

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