Throw-in after an unsportsmanlike or disqualifying foul

Amended rule

Art 17 Throw-in

Art 17.2.7

  • Following an unsportsmanlike or disqualifying foul, the game shall be resumed with a throw-in from the throw-in line at the team’s frontcourt, unless otherwise stated in these rules.

Art 39 Fighting

Art 39.3.2

If persons of both teams are disqualified under this article and there are no other foul penalties remaining for administration, the game shall be resumed as follows.

If at approximately the same time when the game was stopped because of the fighting:

  • A team had control of the ball or was entitled to the ball, the ball shall be awarded to that team for a throw-in from the throw-in line in the team’s frontcourt.

In all cases the team shall have 14 seconds on the shot clock. (Art 50.4)

The throw-in to start any quarter other than the first quarter and any overtime shall remain from the center line, as they are not part of a penalty for an infraction.

Reason for change

To speed up the game, to allow for more possession thus for possibly more scoring. To eliminate complex situations after a throw-in from the center line.

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