The Active Officials

The Active Official should toss the ball up between the two opponents in such a way that the ball is thrown straight up and to a height that is slightly higher than either player can jump and reach. 

The Active Official should stand still until the play has moved away and then follow up.

The Free Official should ensure that the ball is accurately tossed and drops their hand to indicate play has started (and the clock starts). 

The Free Official must be ready to move in whichever direction the ball is tapped. Getting ahead of the play and becoming the lead official. 

The Active Official 

  • Throws the ball up at the jump ball.
  • Hands over the ball at a throw-in from out of bounds.
  • Administers the free throws

The Free Official 

  • Keeps the court and players under observation.
  • Must be prepared to get ahead of the play to become the lead official. 
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