Basketball is a team game that uses the hands to pass the ball and to shoot for goal (or score a basket). Each team attempts to throw (or shoot) the ball into the target (basket), which is set at a height of ten feet from the floor.

There are three basic rules:

  1. No contact
  2. No running with the ball
  3. The dribble must be continuous
Basketball has rules which govern starting and restarting play;
  1. The game is started by a jump-ball between two opposing player at the centre circle. At a jump-ball, the ball is thrown between two players to a height just greater than either can jump. The two players attempt to tap the ball to one of their team-mates. 
  2. The game is restarted after a score or successful basket by the team against whom the basket was scored, throwing the ball into play from out of bounds behind the end line. 
  3. After a violation of a rule, the game is restarted by a throw-in from out of bounds nearest the point where the violation occurred. 
  4. When a player causes some contact with an opponent, this is penalised as a foul. Some fouls result in the opposition being awarded free throws.
  5.  If the player fouls five times, the player is no longer to participate in the game. 

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