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Did you know we have a “sister site”, where you can find paid and voluntary opportunities? That said, as a part of this course you need to create an account, please see the following information on this page, to understand how it works and what you need to do.

Go to and create a new account if you do not have one

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Gain first experience by working alongside an experienced buddy for 2-3 games*

*If you are already experienced in your role, please contact support or write in your bio a detailed overview of your past experiences if you think that you do not need to work with a buddy.

ROC Opportunity

What is a ROC you might ask? R – Referee, O – Official, C – Coach. We have the initiative and a vision that everyone should become a ROC as there are many opportunities that arise with becoming a ROC. You step into the basketball community in high demand, as you are a certified referee, official, and coach. As you have just taken this referee course adding table official and coaching to your resume will help you become an even better addition to your basketball community as you will understand the rules of all working positions on the court. There will be more paid and voluntary opportunities, you will aid in supporting your wider community as there is a shortage of these basketball professionals. Once you have become a ROC you can travel anywhere in the world and be able to be a coach, referee, or table official. Supporting other basketball communities around the world! 

Please keep a look out for our special offers throughout the year, where we provide discounts to those who do more than one of our courses. 


Watch the video below to understand how AllOfficials will give you access to job opportunities whether you are an official, coach, or a media crew member!

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