The following equipment should be available for use by the Table Officials:

  • Official Scorebook (x1)
  • Player Foul Markers (x5) – used by the Scorer to indicate the number of fouls committed by a player. The markers numbered 1 to 4 should be black on white and number 5 should be red on white. The numbers should be a minimum size of 10cm (depth and width) by 20cm (height).
  • Team Foul Markers (x2) – to indicate when a team has committed 4 fouls in a quarter. These should be red, constructed in such a way that when positioned on the table they are clearly visible to Players, Coaches, Officials, and Spectators.
  • Team Foul Indicator – optional, a suitable device to indicate the cumulative number of Team fouls. This device is used to indicate the number of team fouls up to five (5) and to show that a Team has reached the team foul situation.
  • Different and Distinct signals – for use by the Table Officials.
  • Clocks (x2) – One of which is designated as the ‘game clock’ and approved by the Referee. It should be large enough to be seen by the players, coaches, officials and spectators. The second clock/watch will be used as the ‘time-out clock’. The Timekeeper operates the clocks. The game clock should be capable of timing a full 10 minutes and be easily adjusted in the event of equipment failure or other errors.
  • A device for administrating the 24 Second Rule.
  • Scoreboard.
  • Alternating possession arrow (x1) – The colours of the alternating arrow. White with red arrow at least 40cm long.
  • Scorers Equipment
    • 2 pens (Blue or Black, and Red)
    • Scrap Paper
    • Uniform
    • Minute book (optional)
    • Ruler for ruling off score sheet (optional)
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