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Course Description

The Social Media for Sports Events online course by AllOfficials was created in the collaboration with the London Basketball Association to ensure the highest level of the practical expertise and to establish realistic standards. Due to this collaboration, the majority of case studies & scenarios are basketball oriented, however, the same principles apply to the majority of disciplines making this course useful regardless of what sports event you are planning to attend.

The goal of the course is to encourage sports enthusiasts to get familiar with the media side of the sports event organisation.  It is designed to provide you with a deeper understanding of what the media crew actually does, as well as going more into detail, focusing on different media activities such as interviewing, recording footage and administering the social media accounts at the sports events, so you are able to go out there and capture great content and showcase it.

This Course is designed to encourage people:

  1. To gain a fundamental understanding of the basic roles of the sports media crew.
  2. To learn new skills that can be applied in the sports field.
  3. To gain confidence in capturing great content.

The Social Media for Sports Events online course by AllOfficials was created to be used as a primary source of knowledge to work as a Media Crew member.