Level 1 Basketball Table Official (2024)

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Course Description

Level 1 Table Official is an introduction to basketball and is aimed towards beginners. The goal of the course is to educate in order to empower you to officiate a basketball game. The course gives an insight into the basic mechanics of table officiating and the violations and fouls that need to be administered. A Level 1 table official is certified to officiate at school matches, youth local leagues and at recreational level. There are no entry requirements for the Level 1.

This course is intended to be used primarily as a means of instruction in the basic elements that are necessary in order to table officiate a game of basketball.

Certification Expiry

Once this course is completed and you have received your certificate it is valid for a total of 3 years. If inactive your certification will expire. Options for renewal can be found at the end of this online course or at the bottom of the AllOfficials Learn homepage labelled, “Certification Renewal & Replacement”.

This course has been approved by the CPD, a world-renowned accreditor known for offering and supporting continued professional development. This course also comes with the Basketball – Digital Scoresheet course.

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