Basketball – FIBA New Rules 2020-2022 (5-on-5)

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New FIBA Rules is a refresher course aimed at qualified officials looking to keep updated on the progress of the sport’s rules. While it is not mandatory to be a qualified official it is highly encouraged. This course gives insight into important developments, such as shooting fouls and the new “cylinder” concept central to many basketball movements. 

This Course is designed to encourage:

  1. Current or aspiring officials to remain educated on the game.
  2. To provide specific and detailed instruction on some of the nuances of basketball. It will also cover any past rule changes which remain controversial.
  3. We will attempt to make the new rules as simple as possible to both understand and administer. Therefore, this online course has been designed to give officials confidence in the new rules.

Many of the examples you will find in this course are from the NBA. It is worth noting that the NBA and FIBA have different rules and, accordingly, calls. Some of the calls you may see in the NBA videos would not apply to FIBA and vice versa.

This course focuses on the rule changes included in the 2020 FIBA Rules update, and also clarifies some important modifications in the 2018 edition.

Certification Expiry:

Once this course is completed and you have received your certificate it is valid for a total of 3 years. To renew your certificate you must redo this course.

This course has been approved by the CPD, a world-renowned accreditor known for offering and supporting continued professional development.

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