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Course Description

Referees Level 1 is an introduction to basketball and is aimed at the beginner. The goal of the course is to encourage the basketball enthusiast to get onto a basketball court and ‘blow a whistle’.  The course gives an insight into the basic mechanics of refereeing and the violations and fouls that need to be administered. A Level 1 referee is certified to officiate at school matches, youth local leagues and at recreational level.

This Course is designed to encourage:

  1. The basketball student, player or coach to get onto the basketball court.
  2. Educators, parents, and spectators to gain a fundamental understanding of the basic rules and role of the referee. 
  3. We will attempt to make the rules of basketball as simple as possible to both understand and administer. Therefore, this online course has been designed to deliver a basic level of officiating. 

Officiating has two basic requirements essential to the process of “blowing your whistle”: 

  1. Officiating technique is the application of the rules or laws of the game, and will help the game be played according to the rules ensuring clarification of violations.
  2. Officiating mechanics enable you to be at the right place around the court to make the correct decision, and administer your decision. 

This course is intended to be used primarily as a means of instruction in the basic elements that are necessary in order to officiate a game of basketball.