Basketball – Coaching Level 2

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Level 2 Coaching:

This course will provide future coaches and/or current coaches who want to enhance their craft with the knowledge, skills, and drills necessary to coach basketball up to a national level, including social, youth, adult and national leagues. We have connected with a variety of relevant organisations across the world, including FIBA, USA Basketball, Canada Basketball,  Basketball England, popular Youtube accounts, Coaches with a wealth of experience, to put together a course that has the best standards and practices, while making it accessible to the masses. 

Lesson 1

The LBA coaching course will start off by explaining the different roles of a coach, as well as basic safety measures and issues.  

Lesson Two

Is a very in depth analysis of how to coach skills.  This lesson will cover topics such as creating a fun environment, building rapport with participants, analyzing data, feedback, and many more.  

Lesson three & four

Focus entirely on practice sessions and training sessions respectively.  Both focus on the necessary skills, equipment, drills, and other considerations when planning and running either of the two.  

Lesson five

Gets into the basketball fundamentals such as shooting, passing, defense, etc.  Within these topics, different types, correct form, drills, and in game uses will be provided.  Coaches will use this information to help the development of their players and in forming a team tactic.  

Lesson Six

The course covers what is necessary to properly develop players.  This section encomopasses all the other lessons, and it explains the ideologies in which all the previous information will be used.  


Throughout the LBA coaching course, videos, pictures, and infographics are used to help the reader visually understand what they are learning about.  These extra informants will help visual learners understand the material more.  


The information in this course was gathered from respected worldwide sources including FIBA, NBA, Canadian Basketball, England Basketball and London Basketball Association (LBA). We have arranged great benefits through our partner LBA as candidates will be able to make use of this course .  The most important information from these sources was taken to form ideas about coaching.