Basketball – Coaching Level 1

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Introduction to Level 1

Level one coaching is the first step to become an accredited coach. This course will provide all future and aspiring coaches with the necessary information and materials to become a coach. This course will surely benefit all participants as it will introduce different coaching tactics, drills, skills, and knowledge of basketball. In connection with a few organisations across the globe, such as FIBA, USA basketball, Canada Basketball, and Basketball England. With these organisations and some coaches with great experience the level one coaching course will have the best and most relevant information and practices. Providing the best level one coaching course while still making it accessible to all communities. 

Lesson one

The level one coaching course starts with a brief history of the sport, court size & equipment, being a role model and having a positive attitude as a coach, and much more. 

Lesson two

This lesson consists of the rules, regulations, first steps to planning a training session, and the different learning styles for both athletes and coaches. With more topics included in this lesson it will teach fundamentals and how to maintain a fun and positive environment for both coaches and athletes. 

Lesson three

This is all about health and safety on and off the court. What to look out for before allowing your players to step onto the court, how the team should treat one another, and how to look out for indications which could prevent injury.

Lesson four 

Going in detail about the coach and their coaching styles and approaches. This lesson goes in depth on the way a new coach should approach each training session. As well as the different types of coaches that are the most common. 


All throughout this course there will be pictures, videos, and animations to help every participant follow efficiently and effectively. This helps the participants visualise what they are learning about. The goal is for each participant to be fully prepared after this course as well as to have a better understanding of each lesson and topic within this course.


As previously mentioned, the information in this course was drawn from many reliable sources and organisations. These organisations include FIBA, NBA, Canadian Basketball, England Basketball and London Basketball Association (LBA). The ideas drawn from each organisation was taken into consideration to create the different coaching ideas within this level one coaching course.