Certification Renewal & Replacement Process

Renewal Process

Generally certificates last 3 to 4 years before they expire (shown on your certificate). The main objective of the renewal process is to avoid candidates being totally idle after they have completed the course. Within the term, candidates should use their certificate adequately for it to be renewed. Candidates should remain active within the four years to receive renewal of the certificate. To receive a renewed certificate the candidates must provide proof of relevant job roles or other forms of renewal options. Guidance on the renewal process can be found below:

Valid renewal options

  • Has applied and completed relevant jobs roles on AllOfficials
  • Taken other AllOfficials courses relevant to sport
  • Show your “season license”, from the sports governing body, in any country
  • Retake the course
  • Other related courses*
  • Photo/video of sessions with relevant information about it.
Once proof is provided to admin@allofficials.co.uk and payment has been confirmed your certificate will then be reviewed for approval and sent back to you.

Replacement Process

To replace any certificates candidates must do the following:
  1. Email admin@allofficials.co.uk with full name and email used when enrolled in course.
  2. Make payment.
Disclaimer: The information in this document is subject to change. Also note, a renewal administration fee of £12.85 to update a certificate & replacements are charged at £24.85
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